For the first time in history, SyFy Channel’s very own Ghost Hunters were able to investigate the Lockport Caves. The experience was so great for the team that it was aired as the 2012 Halloween Special. Due to heavy response from the public, The Lockport Caves have decided to open their doors to other paranormal investigative teams so that this beautiful piece of history can be further researched with a supernatural twist.

Guests will experience four hours exclusively investigating one of most historic and hidden secrets of New York State.

“The Experience” provides our investigators with a glimpse into the past. The Holly Manufacturing Company dates back to the acquisition of the property in 1788 by the Holland Land Company through the development of the Clintons Ditch in 1805 and continued through the development of the Holly, Richmond and Lockport Pulp Companies.

Birdsill Holly himself was no stranger to communication with the dead, as he was a friend of the Fox Sisters that were known to frequent Lockport. For the full history of the Lockport Caves site, please visit: LockportCave.com

Your guest experience starts with an orientation session and tour of the perimeter provided by the Lockport Caves Staff through the very eerie Holly Company historic site.

An experience like no other, personally encounter the pure isolation from humanity. The Cave was described as the “tunnels of terror” by the Ghost Hunters on Season 8, Episode 21.

You will be provided with absolute access underground to search out the mysteries from the other side. With so many on site supernatural instances recorded in history, you will be able to conduct research yourself in your personal attempt to move forward in the field of paranormal research. Also, any evidence your team may compile while on investigation in the cave will be most welcomed on our Share your Evidence page.