Saturday Nights by Reservation Only – 9:00 pm – 2:00 am. Investigations will be 4 hour blocks, with a 15 minute mandatory break after two hours.  Paranormal Investigators must be at least 12 years old to participate. For every ten ticket holders under the age of 16 there must be at least one adult supervisor. Bring your Payment Confirmation/Receipt and ID. No one will be allowed in without the Confirmation/Receipt. NO ADMITTANCE WITHOUT A PHOTO ID.

Individual passes are $35 plus tax – By Reservation Only. Minimum of 10 reservations,  maximum of 20 for each Investigation. No promotions, deals, or other discounts accepted. No Refunds, no exceptions! Be certain to read our Rules and regulations, It is YOUR responsibility to understand and abide by the rules of the Lockport Caves.

There will always be at least one HRC™ representative with your group at all times.

There are many stairs, and lots of walking, Parking is free, please arrive 15 minutes ahead of your reservation time, this affords you enough time to park your vehicles, gather all your equipment, and be in line with your Valid ID and Pre-Paid Confirmation Ticket. The faster we are able to check you in, the quicker you will begin the tour, and the sooner you will be able to investigate.

What to Bring:

We at the Lockport Caves know that investigative teams are always birthing new ideas and tools in the field of paranormal research. For those of you that may be new to Paranormal Investigating, we want to let you know that the caves are deep within the ground, and it is essential for you to bring proper lighting equipment to ensure a safe investigation. Glow sticks are welcome on our site, as well as flashlights, and filters, always remember to come equipped with plenty of fresh batteries!


  • If any of the following rules are not followed, you will not be denied admission to the facility and will be required to leave the property immediately.
  • If you show up under the influence of alcohol or drugs or under suspicion by management you will be refused entry and required to leave the property.
  • No screwdrivers, Leatherman tools, Swiss army knives, Stun Guns, knives, guns, pepper spray, mace, or weapons of any kind are allowed on the property or in the buildings.
  • You must wear closed toed shoes, preferably sneakers or boots. No Flip Flops open toed shoes, high heels or bare feet. If you do not have a change of footwear you will be asked to leave, we do this to ensure your safety!
  • No smoking, chewing tobacco anywhere on the property.
  • Please do not bring with you or leave any biodegradable items for the spirits. This includes flowers, candy, cookies, etc.
  • We love our cave and our spirits just the way they are, any negative provoking will not be tolerated. The use of any rituals on the avenues of Black Magic and use of Ouija Boards in NOT allowed. We have no patience for this, and you will be asked to exit premises.
  • We are happy to see evidence from our site being openly shared in the Paranormal Community via internet, Youtube, team sites, etc. Though, if you are planning any kind of filming project, we ask to discuss with us in advance as some restrictions and charges may apply.
  • We ask that no Miners head lamps with open flames be used. As well as absolutely NO FIRE inside of the cave. Never remove anything from a location that doesn’t belong to you, do not cut, adhere, affix, or damage the property in anyway. The property will be thoroughly checked after your team is done investigating. If there is any damage done to the property, you WILL be accountable.

A few Ghost hunting Tips:

  • Do not wear clothing with any kind of reflective surfaces. Do not wear clothing that makes noise, such as windbreaker material, corduroys, hard soled shoes (that make clicking sounds)
  • Do not wear any jewelry that is big and flashy, do not wear perfume or cologne, and do not chew gum or mints. Be courteous to fellow investigators be respectful of your surroundings
  • Listen to your Team Leader. If they put restrictions on areas to investigate, etc. it’s usually because they have your safety and best interest in mind!